Still prepping the site but mostly there…

Still tweaking the widgets and the plugins for the site.  Below was the original screenshot I used for the banner on my site.  I needed to blur it a bit, hence I reversed the colors and made the white background black.

Original dual-axis chart from the time series widget in a MicroStrategy dashboard — this was from one of the network dashboards we created.

As I have been working through the list of things I want to initially cover, I’ve realized how many sites and blogs get started and then die from lack of momentum.  Reading through other blogs and books about the topic I realize that writing like this requires a cadence and a discipline.  I can’t imagine keeping a site with the regularity that Paul Krugman does but keeping the site fresh for me means writing about a litany of topics.

I’ve been debating whether to include some of the product ideas that I’ve had over the years, but I think I can write about aspects of my ideas without revealing the whole concept.  If my readers can but the sum of the parts together, then all the better.

The last idea I mocked up was a simplified BI interface that borrowed from the Windows 8 theme of boxed simplicity.

make it easier
simplified UI for BI – too many colors?

I’ll write more on this one in a future post, but the exercise of putting together a wireframe like this was almost as much fun as coming up with the idea.

In the meantime my to do list is getting longer by the day and the time I have to knock these items off is getting shorter.  The wish list includes:

  • MicroStrategy install on CentOS
  • Reviewing the enhancements in MicroStrategy 9.3
  • Hooking the Cloudera VM to 9.3
  • Completing the Coursera class
  • Skinning MicroStrategy Mobile in Xcode

…and next week will include the TDWI conference in Boston and the MicroStrategy Meetup.

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