Prepping the site…

Around this time of year in New Mexico the sunflowers are in full bloom and the nights get a touch colder.  I took this picture in the fall of 2009, just as I was preparing to move back to Massachusetts.  The truck’s suspension has been lifted since this photo was taken, a result of too many close calls getting stuck in Stubblefield with Conor, and a need to have a beefier set of tires to make the trip back east.

We can’ say the Boston has been bad to us.  It’s just that Santa Fe was very good to us. I went there with a girlfriend and dog, and came back with a wife and a baby girl.  Rest in peace, Jeb…you were a great dog.


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  1. I wasn’t shocked to see you strutting around with new suspension. But I had to suspend my disbelief when I heard you got new tires. RIP Jeebles.

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